Introducing Plus+ Memberships!

It’s been 4 years since OpenProcessing started its life as a community platform for Processing users and in this time period, I tried to provide most of the fundamental functionality that is necessary to create an open source sharing platform. From time to time, I received requests to allow private sketches, being able to select different licenses. I also observed that many people started using their profile page as their professional portfolio. Some professors also asked if they could create a private classroom, hide/source sketches to challenge students. To cater these requests, now OpenProcessing provides Plus+ membership option, similar to Github and Vimeo, providing these benefits:

Plus+ membership:

  • No ads!
  • No ads on your sketches and portfolio
    Your portfolio and sketches will be ad-free to other users as well. This allows you to keep your portfolio page any clutter free and purely focused on your sketches.
  • Private sketches
    Allows you to hide your sketches from public and share them with only the people you want via private URL
  • Custom license options
    You can change the Creative Commons license of your sketches, allowing you to select a specific CC version or define your own license.
  • Show/hide source code
    This is especially helpful if you are teaching a class on Processing and want to create challenges for your students, or if you want to copyright your sketch.
  • Bigger uploads
    30mb limit instead of standard 10mb. Since, you know, hosting costs.. You can read more about this on a previous post.

Professor Plus+ membership includes all the benefits above and the extra features is catered more towards professors teaching Processing in a class:

  • Private Classrooms
    This is a good option if you would like to keep your class activity private on the website, or if your institution doesn’t allow you to publicly share your class materials online.
  • Free Plus+ membership to all students
    so that your students can have more flexibility to upload bigger sketches, private sketches, hide source code until finals, etc.

Besides all the benefits above, you will be supporting OpenProcessing to cover its costs and continue its service without interruptions. This is still a very niche community and your support by being a Plus+ member will help this website provide a vimeo-like quality. I spent countless nights and weekends to develop this website over these past 4 years and it came to a point that it is both costly and time-consuming to maintain the website without your support. So I invite you to be a Plus+ member to show your support and enjoy the benefits provided above!

Please let me know if you have any comments about this major update to OpenProcessing.


  • Something left out on the main post is:
    Free membership will still allow you to upload and share your open source sketches with the same functionality available today, but without the extra benefits provided above. OpenProcessing’s vision is to provide an open source platform for the Processing community while maintaining its sustainability, therefore I believe this will be a great option to provide some income to cover its costs and continue its service.

  • I don’t see any other comments here, but I hope you’re getting great feedback and lots of support for the new, additional layers to the site. I’m sure it was a lot of work, and a a lot of thought gone into the design.

    Mainly I just stopped by the blog to say how much I love the new tweak feature!
    Open Processing just got even more open! Bravo!

  • Hi there!
    Thank you for your support. The membership feature is doing fine, with a few users joining to support the website. I am hoping that this number will grow in time to allow me to spend more time on OpenProcessing to improve the site.

    Please enjoy tweaking new sketches, and let me know if you have any feedback!

  • Hi Sinan,

    Congratulations for all those nice enhancements!

    I have been creating the software for Christian Fiebig’s Computer Augmented Crafts installation, and we’d like to release everything under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License.

    Of course we want the community to be able to make use of the new tweak feature as much as possible.

    So will the custom-licensed sketches be tweakable as well, and will the non-commercial sharealike license automatically be enforced on the tweaks?

    • Good luck on your project, and good question! Custom-license sketches are tweakable as well. At the moment there is no license enforcing for tweaks, and the license of a tweak by anyone without a plus account will be by-sa, and a tweak by a plus member will be whatever they choose. Which kind of doesn’t make sense, since the original sketch is by-nc. I have to see what I can do about this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will let get back to you when I do something about this.

  • Thank you for looking into this! I think restricting the licensing options for tweaks should be rather straightforward using the Creative Commons Compatibility Chart. Looking forward to your next update!

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