Processing 2.0 support is here, and more to come!

I recently updated the site with Processing 2.0 support! Now you will be able to share your sketches that you create with the new versions of Processing. The big difference is, now that Processing dropped the support for Java applets, you will be exporting your sketches as Javascript. You can find the instructions on the upload page.

For the advanced users, this update comes with some considerations however: As we discussed in the previous blog post, exporting your sketches in javascript might cause problems with libraries you might be using, since most of them are written in native Java. Also, you might have problem with the small number of functions (red ones) that are not available in Processingjs.

However, this is a big step for a better future of Processing. Java platform is being under-maintained for a long while, and almost everyone is slowly dropping the support for Java Applets. With Javascript exports, your sketches will work increasingly faster on browsers (since they are getting faster everyday on js speeds), and they will also work on more platforms, including iOS, Androids, and anything that supports HTML5 Canvas.

Note: You can still upload sketches in Processing 1.x. I will keep supporting those sketches on the website until a majority of the community moves to Processing 2.x.

What this means for OpenProcessing?

Now that you can upload your sketches in Processing 2.0+ in javascript, this means that your image files, etc. that you use in your sketch will be uploaded to OpenProcessing as well. However, you will see that at the moment you won’t be able to manage these files manually in the edit code page: Currently you can’t upload additional files, or remove old ones unless you delete or re-upload the sketch itself. I will work on updating edit code page, so it will support uploading/removing additional files for your sketch. And in that sense, it will become a more scaled web-based programming environment. I will keep you updated on these.

Additionally, leaning more on Processingjs sketches will allow more online collaboration and interaction. Processingjs sketches make it possible to tweak sketches and make quick edits on the fly. So I am hoping to utilize these better on the website, as well as implement some other cool ideas that I had in my mind for a while.

Please let me know of your feedback with these new changes!

  • Thanks I’ve been waiting for this!

  • Hey I am having big problems with changing the thumbnail when I upload. Is there anyway in which I can just upload an image rather than take a screenshot(which doesn’t work well!)?

    Apart from that, thanks for getting the 2.0 support for OpenProcessing.

    • Hi, Sorry to hear that. Can you send me ( some more information about this issue you are having? I would like to fix it if possible. Particularly, which browser/OS you are using?

      I purposefully removed ‘uploading’ feature, but I might be able to put it back, if I can’t fix that problem.

    • I am having trouble adding a thumbnail in the first place. I have pasted code directly into the website so it gets viewed via processingJS. Is there a way to create a thumbnail then?

  • Hello,

    I built an Applet, using Processing 2.0b3
    I first wrote a small program ‘Transition.pde’ and after I made a script ‘mkApplet’. I only use Linux. But this script can be easily implemented for another OS. All is explained in the script.

    Wait a few moments because there are many images to upload.



  • I think this is for the best, I can’t wait for javascript to speed up. Some of my programs have a lot of objects, and javascript can’t handle it yet.

  • Hi, Sinan,

    I don’t understand why a sketch exported to Javascript doesn’t run in OpenProcessing, but runs from inside Processing IDE and even in a Google Drive shared folder…

    How will we share in OpenProcessing sketches that use js libraries?

    And people just see the pde code. Where can they get the js libraries and the data folder that we upload within the zip file?

    I uploaded mine (the sketch is Nuphono: and had to leave 2 links: 1) For they can see/use the sketch running on the browser; 2) for allowing them to download the resources (maxim.js, processing.js and the data folder)

    And, finally, since my sketch doesn’t run in OpenProcessing, I can’t leave a thumbnail there…

    OpenProcessing is just amazing, but I think these issues are real barriers to its purpose.

    Thanks a lot for reading this. Wish you all the best,


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