Legacy sketches will not work under Chrome Mac OS X

A recent update on Mac OS X (10.8.2+) removed the Java and required users to download/install new Java from Oracle’s site. This also came with a new problem: Chrome in Mac OS X will not be able to run Java applets because it is a 32 bit browser.

Well, not much we can do about that (unless you work at Google or Oracle). Therefore legacy sketches that run on Java will not be displayed to Chrome users and they will be requested to open the sketch in another browser.

This will come in the next code push to OpenProcessing. pff. I hate browser problems..

  • Hi all,

    Processing.js could be a solution … but there are problems with the security (xss,…) and porting of old sketches. Or not? Maybe it will work with privates namespaces and other contained conditions.


    • Unfortunately, converting existing applet sketches to processingjs is very hard to do in an automated way and also unreliable. So I am hoping that as the community we will be able to move slowly to processingjs, instead of Java.

    • I am new to Processing so I may be missing something relating to old sketches.

      However, if these can be drawn using Java, they should be convertible to a Processing script using PDEGraphics2D which is a java.awt.Graphics subclass generates Processing code. See http://waterloo.sourceforge.net/PDEGraphics2D.

      A PDEGraphics2D graphics instance just needs to be passed to the paint mechanisms of a Java frame, applet etc and the instance will create a processing script based on the Java2D graphics calls. The processing code structure will be very different, but the visual appearance should the same (well almost).

  • Hi,
    I am trying to post a program on here but it doesnt seem to be working so i tried it with a couple other programs i have and it worked just fine. I checked my desired program runs .js the only difference on this program is that im using P3D and I have multiple tabs. im new to OP and I dont see any options for uploading multiple tabs. let me know where im going wrong…

  • Hi, if you export your sketch from Processing, it should be combining all your tabs into a single one, so you don’t manually have to take any action. Please contact me directly via info [at] openprocessing [dot] org with your sketch zip file attached so I can take a look at it.

  • My browser (chrome) is version 30.1599.69. That is a whole dang better than 10.6.2+. What the heck is wrong?

  • Hi… I am new to both Processing and the OpenProcessing.org webpage. I have encountered some issues when running the sketches of other people, as well as the only one I have just uploaded. The computer just doesn’t let me run the code right away from the start page: I have to download the sketch in order to run it. I have already checked the security settings in my computer, including the firewall and the java permission. Everything looks ok (disabled or not protected) but I still keep getting the message that my computer won’t let me run the code right from the page. I have already also installed the newest version of Java.

    I’ve got a MacBook Air and an iMac (desktop), both running OS X 10.9.2, and currently using Safari as my web browser.

    Have you got any ideas about this issue???

    • Hello,

      Recent Java update blocks any Java Applet sketches on OpenProcessing. Solution is to change the security settings in Java preferences: Control Panel(on PC)/System Preferences(on Mac) -> Java -> Security -> Medium Level.

  • As of 10.10 they are removing the ‘medium’ security setting. This makes it virtually impossible to run anything unless its a single domain. Because of the CDN uses random domains, there is no way to ‘whitelist’ them in the exception list. So unless you move them to a single domain, 10.10 users are going to be pretty much SOL for legacy applets…

    • Thanks for letting me know of this. For the redesign, I am actually moving towards using processing.js or p5js (or both) and remove the support for any Java applets, so hopefully, with Canvas-only sketches, the browsing experience will be much better on OpenProcessing.

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