Tiny Sketch Awesomeness => Open for Voting!

Phew! What an awesome experience this was!
Tiny Sketch competition that is produced in collaboration with Rhizome.org and OpenProcessing is now closed for submissions, and the voting begun at the Rhizome website for Rhizome members! If you are not already a member of Rhizome, now it is a great opportunity to be one; then as a Rhizome member, you can use Rhizome’s voting pages to vote the best Tiny Sketches!
Remember that your Rhizome membership contributions are going to support this non-profit foundation that is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Also, all the sketches submitted will be archived and exhibited in Rhizome Artbase.

–! VOTE NOW !–
I love Tiny Sketch

By the way, see one of my favorite Tiny Sketches:
My Heart Will Go On by Luis Gonzalez

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